Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Speed Thinking: a way of the future?

The pace of life has never been faster. Whether you are in business for yourself, working for someone else, or if you don't neatly fit into any category, busyness is something that is unavoidable. This is mainly a product of media channels, but more specifically: the fact that we are plugged into them for the majority of the day. Most people are now saying 'slow down!' But is that really the answer?

Dr Ken Hudson would say 'No!'. In his 2010 book Speed Thinking: Thriving in a time poor world, Dr Hudson offers a solution. His solution is a new system for thinking, and it's not just a matter of thinking more or finding a nirvana-like state where one can tap into the substratum of infinite knowledge... or is it?

At it's core his system is simple- yet far from simplistic. The basic concept involves brainstorming in a limited time frame- he suggests two minutes- with the intention of jotting down as many solutions to a predetermined question or problem. Sounds haphazard? It is and it isn't.

On the one hand, when you are forced to think quickly you are forced to spit out incomplete and unsiphoned solutions, some of which you may not be entirely content or happy with in the moment. But is this a problem? Dr Hudson suggests the opposite. He suggests that when you put your ordinary filtering systems aside, then you are left with raw and uninterrupted data that is often more creative and useful. In practice, the speed thinking process is not yet complete, so even if this data was somewhat 'raw', the 4-step-process that Dr Hudson offers in this book provides a comprehensive means of transplanting the data into a useful context and solidifying its value.

Dr Ken Hudson, or "Dr Speed" as he if sometimes known, has a new website where you can learn more about speed thinking and try out his application: Speed Links. Check out if the results really do speak for themselves.

Check out the Speed Thinking Zone.

So is speed the answer? Let me see. I'll give myself 2 minutes and try to come up with 9 solutions....

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