Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Bloody Water...

Has anyone ever discouraged you from studying marketing?

Do you work in marketing or sales and become embarrassed when you have to inform someone of your industry? Well hold your head up high! Marketing is king. But why?

Next time you walk down the aisle of the supermarket, take a couple of seconds to breeze through the bottled water on display. Notice something? You are right. It is all the same colour. It is all flavourless - that is it's one of these superwater developments which seem to keep popping up at the moment. Yes, it's all just water. Right? Wrong.

Over 50 billion gallons of bottled water is sold worldwide annually, and this figure is expected to increase. But what is the difference between the bottles? Nothing. Yet everything. It's just another bloody water! Precisely...

A Melbourne-based development has jumped abord this multi-billion dollar train, and has begun with the acceleration of an olympic sprinter. What's their secret? Clever marketing. More specifically, a "good-looking bottle, a smartarse name and a devil may care attitude". I will say it again... Marketing is king.
What has the success come down to? To answer this question you need to look a little closer at the target market. Ask youself: would this campaign have worked in Italy? Would it have worked in Indonesia? Probably not. This niche concept and campaign has been articulately crafted for an Australian market. It was not just a shot in the dark or drawing straws. The bottom line was the kind of mantra that is drilled into you in Marketing 101. Know your market. Know your market; and one more time, know your market!

And if you are going to compete in an overcrowded industry like that of bottled water, you may as well have some fun while doing it! Congrats to the team who put Another Bloody Water together.

So next time you think about slandering the marketing industry with a subtle backhanded insult inferring deception and comsumer manipulation, take a breath and have a sip of water. Most likely it's from a bottle. Chances are there has been some serious inoovative brainstorming and in depth research to get it from the idea stratosphere and into you hand. Marketing is evil? Indeed not. Marketing is king!

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